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Allen/Lenalee Doujinshi

HENYO!  It's been a while since post something here. 

Okay, so I found my Allen x Lenalee doujinshi which was made near end of 2006. LOL. Then I felt like to share. It's sooo old. Both my art and English look so crappy! OTL It contain only 5 pages. If you wish to read it, just click the link above. It will send you straight to my artsite. The download link was placed in the 'illust' section. Please don't laugh for the lameness because it's my first doujinshi that I ever done... -died-  
( p/s: don't mind that I write Lenalee as Rinali. Since I don't know that the right word 'Lenalee' that time. Aaah.. I actually I still confused which one is  the right one, sorry...
(・_・" ) )


lol. I may try drawing a better one next time. :)
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